Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sincere apologies, really. I've not really got an excuse for my ridiculous absence except the fact that I've been crazy busy. Finally finished school for summer today, but cried my eyes out because my the nicest man in the entire world (my French teacher) retired.

This is a pathetic little excuse for a post as I'm going to Italy on Friday (YAYAYAY!!) with choir and then staying on for another 5 days with my parents. I'm very excited - we're singing in the Vatican!

So, here are four pairs of shoes that made my heart melt four times in a row. I'm planning my birthday present already - my mum said she'd go halves with me on a pair of designer shoes (thank you mummy!!) The (current) contenders are:

Hmm, a lot of writing today. I'll be back on the 20th, hopefully with photos! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Silk and Chloé

Until Friday, I'll be frantically revising crude oil, the limestone cycle and radioactivity, amongst other things, for my last two exams (YAY!!). In the meantime, I have two little dilemmas. Okay, so not really dilemmas, but decisions that I need to make. First, I have this pretty big piece of beautiful cream/white silk from Hong Kong, and I'd love to have it made into something by my wedding dress designing cousin. Only problem is, I don't know what. Here are a few ideas that I'm toying with. I'd really appreciate opinions!!

Option 1: the perfect plain white tee, except it's in silk!
Option 2: a basic button up white shirt, but in silk
Option 3: a simple silk blouse with some sort of black front detailing.

Second dilemma is between these two beauties. I can, thanks to my budget, only buy one, even though they're both on sale. So which do you think I should go for? The See by Chloé floral dress or the Chloé wedges?

I've always been terrible with decisions, so I hope other people's opinions will help!
Have a great week :)
P.S. you might have noticed that I've had a bit of a switch round layout-wise and I like it much better like this! What do you think? Gosh, a lot of questions for you today!!
P.P.S. My dad was looking at cameras on the interwebz yesterday. . . here's hoping he actually buys one soon.

Friday, June 5, 2009


At last, exams are over! Well, until next Friday when I have my actual Biology unit 1 GCSE, soon followed by Chemistry and Physics. But we'll not mention those, hey? Sorry for abandoning the blog for two weeks, but it's been a rather stressful period. I'm not looking forward to getting my results at all, especially not my science ones. Although I actually did well in Music, contrary to what I thought! I've got 86% at the moment, which could be raised or lowered depending on how I do with my composition. :s

Anyway. Here are a few photographs from an editorial I found recently and I just thought they were completely beautiful. Click to enlarge if you so desire.

Apologies for the annoying spaces. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

P.S. Is the music player annoying? Wondering if I should take it off, even though I try to put pleasant songs first. Let me know!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pollen Influx

Summer, I love you, but let me prepare myself first, please? See what you've done to me by coming prematurely? You've turned me into an itchy-eyed, runny-nosed mess.

Yes, so first sunny day in a good month or so today. I admit, it makes a nice change from the rain and cold, but how I wish I'd taken my hayfever tablets earlier!! After dosing up, my mother and I went on a little outing to a French antiques shop where we acquired a gargoyle (it looks more like an angry bear if you ask me) for the garden, and the most beautiful cream Louis XV mirror for my bedroom. I of course wore the newest addition to my wardrobe, which I purchased yesterday from Topshop:

I also bought a marinière/Breton-ish top and the perfect plain white tee from Gap. Thanks to some lovely comments on the last post I've decided on the second dress, the stone coloured ASOS one. Perfect for summer, I think! Another perfect summer outfit is this one I randomly created the other day, when it was far less sunny:

Completely-overpriced-but-still-gorgeous-dress from French Connection
Wedges from Topshop, via eBay
Boater hat from ASOS

This will probably be the last post for a while as my exams resume next week (it's half term now, but I still have to revise). Last week was okay, but I made a complete hash of Music. Everything else went pretty well (I think!)

Have a great bank holiday all you English people, and have a nice Monday everyone else!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy day

Yet another rainy day in England. I've chosen to spend mine surrounded by highlighters, pads, pens and Spanish and French orals that need to be learned. AHHHH exams on Monday!!! Maths and Physics. I've mastered simultaneous equations and the quadratic formula, but I'm more than a little worried about Physics!

Anyway. I've been having inexplicable cravings for sun dresses this week. Maybe it's a reaction to the non-sun dress worthy weather, but I really cannot get the things out of my head.

Here are my three favourites, two of which I will have to rely on eBay for as I missed my chance last summer when they were in the shops. Which one is it to be?

Topshop (eBay)

ASOS (which colour do you like best?)

Kate Moss at Topshop (eBay)

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Style is a funny thing. For something that's supposed to be an extension of your personality, who you are and how you want the world to see you, there are so many teenage girls with their jeans tucked into UGG boots, a tacky slogan tee shirt and a cardigan. In fact, three just walked past my house! This clone effect makes me want to parade around in clothes that are different to what the average English teenage girl is wearing - it feels good not to be the same as everyone else!

The reason I started this blog was to help me find my own personal style, as I was having difficulty finding what I felt comfortable in, what I felt was really me. And you can see that process in the few posts that I've made. Earlier ones are darker and more modern and hard - lots of leather! But more recent posts contain light, pastel coloured clothes. And I do think my style has become more girly, but I still lean towards darker colours in real life. I feel more comfortable in them, but at the same time, I don't feel like myself in the leather leggings and biker jackets I used to lust for.

I think that I have finally found me, and I would describe myself as a mix of old and new. Not just in the sense that I love the femenine elegance of days gone by and more modern tailoring equally, but in the sense that I am a mix of my current self and the person I aim to be in the future. I'm English, and time spent on rolling green hills and wild moors that evoke images of Cathy and Heathcliff has certainly left its mark on me. I think this 'old English whimsicality' (as I like to call it) is mixed with a smarter, more modern, more elegant quality that I think many Parisian women posess. It is no secret that I'm more than a little obsessed with Paris, and I cannot imagine myself living anywhere else, so that's the 'future me'.

That's my style, and it's something personal to me. Obviously it can change depending on how I feel on a certain day, but it expresses who I am and who I hope to be. I know that it's only fashion but I still can't understand how these clone girls can all dress the same and not feel that they're living a monotonous life that is reflected in their monotonous clothing choices!

Okay, rant over. Congrats if you actually read all of this!!

P.S. sorry for the completely sporadic posting - I've got exams in two weeks and GCSE modules in four weeks. STRESSING!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter sunshine

On Sunday, after gorging myself on a chocolate based breakfast, I spent a glorious morning in the sun drenched garden with my mother, my cat and a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon. Guess who had fun with the ribbon?! (Hint: she's small, black and furry). In a particularly spring-ish mood, I put on my prettiest blouse and pinned my fringe back with a pink flower clip, but I cannot share the mood with you because I am the most useless person alive! I've spent all my money on new spring clothes and so I can't afford a camera. . . whoops!!

Yesterday was not as lovely. It started off nice - we went on a family outing to a medieval house with gorgeous gardens called Sizergh Castle. It wasn't overly castle-y but nevermind. The fun started when we were driving home and all of a sudden a tyre popped. That lead to us sitting by the motorway for three hours waiting for the AA man to come and save us. The traffic was bad, apparently!

Anyway, to remind us of the sun (here it has now retreated beneath a thick grey blanket), I'll share with you some beautiful images of spring.

The moors in spring, a 15 minute walk from my house

Flowers in Cornwall

'The Green Venice' in France

A particularly lovely spring day in Paris

Thomas Hardy's birthplace, in Dorset