Thursday, February 12, 2009

A proper introduction

I feel like minus a camera (because a picture is worth 1000 words!), nobody really knows anything about me as a person. . . and I think I need to provide you with a better introduction! So, here are 10 things about me that I think are fairly important parts of me/my life and so possibly influence my style. Plus a few random ones - i.e. number one!

1. My birthday is New Year's Eve (so cool. I get fireworks every year! And normally snow, too).

2. I used to wish I was artistic, but now I'm glad that I can't draw to save my life, because I'm musical instead. I think I'm more passionate about music than I could ever be about art (although I admire artistic people, and I can really appreciate art), and music really is my creative outlet.

3. When I'm older, there's nowhere I want to live more than in Paris. Every time I go, I instantly feel at home. England is familiar, but it's not where I want to be.

4. I like snow. A lot. And skiing is the only sport I'm good at (apart from gymnastics - I'm freakishly bendy). You never ever want to be within a mile radius of me when I'm in possession of a tennis racket and ball. I'm dangerous!

5. I'm an only child and I've always been really close to my parents. I feel like they've brought me up with different focuses than some of my friends' parents, but I'm grateful for that because I think it's given me a broader view on life.

6. I like to watch films and read books. My parents like foreign films and they've passed that on to me, and I've always been encouraged to read a lot. I couldn't choose a favourite film or book, though - there are too many!

7. I live in a little town about half an hour from Manchester city centre, and its name is also my surname. It's so embarrassing when I have to give my name and address, like to get the takeaway delivered! (That sounds like I always eat takeaways. I don't - it's a rare treat!)

8. My parents are both pretty creative in their own ways, which I reckon influences me. My dad's an architect and my mum really loves photography. We've got loads of her photos and other photos, paintings and prints she likes hung around the house. Although, I'm looking at the photo of my dad's entire school in 1973 right now. . . haha, he was 11 and had hilarious hair!

9. On the subject of schools, education is pretty important to my parents. They both went to grammar schools, and I go to the same school as my dad did, but I go to the girls' part over the road. Yes, single sex school. No, it's not awful - boys are a lovely novelty when we go over to lunch! (The dining halls are joined and separated by the kitchen, so we can see eachother).

10. I love to travel. The excitement of going to a new place is great, and I love seeing different cultures. I'd like to travel the world someday, or at least travel Europe, maybe on a train like my dad did with his friends back in the day! I also love languages and I'd like to study French and Russian at uni. I'd love to go to Oxford, as my cousin studied Spanish there and she loved it, but so few people are accepted, it probably won't happen!

So now you know a bit more about me. Hope I didn't put you off coming back to the blog (when I finally get a camera)!