Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Sincere apologies, really. I've not really got an excuse for my ridiculous absence except the fact that I've been crazy busy. Finally finished school for summer today, but cried my eyes out because my the nicest man in the entire world (my French teacher) retired.

This is a pathetic little excuse for a post as I'm going to Italy on Friday (YAYAYAY!!) with choir and then staying on for another 5 days with my parents. I'm very excited - we're singing in the Vatican!

So, here are four pairs of shoes that made my heart melt four times in a row. I'm planning my birthday present already - my mum said she'd go halves with me on a pair of designer shoes (thank you mummy!!) The (current) contenders are:

Hmm, a lot of writing today. I'll be back on the 20th, hopefully with photos! :)