Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter sunshine

On Sunday, after gorging myself on a chocolate based breakfast, I spent a glorious morning in the sun drenched garden with my mother, my cat and a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon. Guess who had fun with the ribbon?! (Hint: she's small, black and furry). In a particularly spring-ish mood, I put on my prettiest blouse and pinned my fringe back with a pink flower clip, but I cannot share the mood with you because I am the most useless person alive! I've spent all my money on new spring clothes and so I can't afford a camera. . . whoops!!

Yesterday was not as lovely. It started off nice - we went on a family outing to a medieval house with gorgeous gardens called Sizergh Castle. It wasn't overly castle-y but nevermind. The fun started when we were driving home and all of a sudden a tyre popped. That lead to us sitting by the motorway for three hours waiting for the AA man to come and save us. The traffic was bad, apparently!

Anyway, to remind us of the sun (here it has now retreated beneath a thick grey blanket), I'll share with you some beautiful images of spring.

The moors in spring, a 15 minute walk from my house

Flowers in Cornwall

'The Green Venice' in France

A particularly lovely spring day in Paris

Thomas Hardy's birthplace, in Dorset

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