Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lemonade and cut grass

First of all, not that I have any readers to explain to, but as March has proved to be the month from hell, posting will be somewhat infrequent until this month is over! I've been practising for The Sound of Music for 11 hours every weekend, and every lunchtime this week. The performances are all next week (and Saturday too), and my French coursework is due in on Monday after only one week to write it. Oh, fun fun fun!!! I'm tearing my hair out, I'm that stressed!!

I think the sun does things to me. At school yesterday, I found myself wishing I was in a field wearing a little cotton sun dress. . . whilst I was walking across the road to lunch, the sun warm for the first time in months. Due to this glimpse of summer, all I want to do at the moment is wear pastel colours, floral dresses and flowers in my hair. If money was not a factor, I'd buy all of the following in an instant:

Chloé strappy wedges

See by Chloé floral dress

APC polka dot sun dress

APC shift dress

APC polka dot blouse

I may have to succumb to the APC blouse or the sun dress. I can imagine myself wearing the dress in winter with a pair of thick grey tights, a black mid-thigh length peacoat, a great big wooly scarf and chunky black or tan heels.

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